Top 5 Songs from 2022 for Teaching English Vocabulary

By Ebooks4us
Top 5 Songs from 2022 for Teaching English Vocabulary

Music is a powerful tool in language education. It can engage students, aid memorization, provide context for new vocabulary, and make learning fun. This post explores five of the best songs from 2022 for teaching English vocabulary.

To give teachers some practical ways to use these songs in their classrooms, we've drawn on ideas from the popular eBook, "10 Song Activity Ideas for ELT" and from the Song Activity Factory blog. Let's dive in!

  1. "Anti-Hero" by Taylor Swift: This song is rich in expressions and vocabulary related to emotions and introspection, such as 'depression', 'narcissism', 'scheming', and 'exhausting'. The theme of self-reflection can serve as a conversation starter about personal struggles, emotions, and growth.
    Activities: Use the lyrics for a gap-fill exercise focusing on these expressions. Have students discuss the meaning of the song and express their own feelings in a similar lyrical style.

  2. "Free" by Florence + the Machine: This song provides a perfect chance to explore vocabulary related to feelings and freedom. The repetition of words like 'free', 'music', and 'dancing' makes them memorable for learners.
    Activities: A lyric reconstruction exercise can help students focus on the language and structure of the song. Ask students to write a paragraph about a time they felt 'free' using some of the vocabulary from the song.

  3. "Save Your Tears" by The Weeknd: This song provides examples of phrases used in regret and reconciliation. Phrases such as "save your tears," "run away," and "broke your heart" can be useful for students.
    Activities: Students could create dialogues using these phrases, aiming to incorporate as many as possible while still maintaining a natural conversation.

  4. "Lift Me Up" by Rihanna: This song provides excellent examples of imperatives and could be used to teach or review this structure.
    Activities: Students could write their own set of instructions or advice using imperatives, inspired by the song.

  5. "Left and Right" by Charlie Puth ft. Jung Kook (of BTS): This song is excellent for practicing directional vocabulary and for discussing memory and love. The repetition of the phrases 'left and right' and 'day and night' also make it a great resource for teaching opposites.
    Activities: Use the song for a match-up activity where students have to match the opposite pairs found in the lyrics.

These songs provide rich opportunities for language learning and can help make your English classes more engaging and dynamic. Remember, it's all about making the learning process enjoyable and effective for your students.

Remember, engaging your students in the language learning process should always be the priority. And there's no better way to do this than with music - a universal language that everyone understands and enjoys.

For more detailed lesson plans and activity ideas, don't forget to check out the eBook, "10 Song Activity Ideas for ELT". This invaluable resource dives deeper into how you can leverage songs to make your English classes more fun, engaging, and effective. 10 Song Activity Ideas For ELT

The eBook provides a comprehensive guide on how to develop creative activities based on songs, touching on different language skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It offers step-by-step instructions for each activity, making it a handy tool for both new and experienced teachers. Check the ebook HERE.

Moreover, the Song Activity Factory blog is a goldmine of resources where you can find further inspiration. It's updated regularly with new songs, activity ideas, and practical tips to incorporate music into your English lessons.

As educators, it's essential to adapt and find innovative ways to capture our students' interest. Using music, especially popular songs from their favorite artists, allows us to do just that while providing an effective learning experience.

Embrace the power of music in your English language classroom. With "10 Song Activity Ideas for ELT" and the Song Activity Factory blog at your disposal, you'll have all the resources you need to create captivating and productive lessons. Happy teaching!

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