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You want a way to MOTIVATE YOUR STUDENTS to learn English, right?

And you know SONGS could be a magical component to BOOST INTERACTIVITY and STUDENT ENGAGEMENT!

Today, I want to show you that THIS IS POSSIBLE!

WITHOUT you being a creative genius... WITHOUT you spending hours with lesson planning... WITHOUT you having headaches to learn complicated tech tools

And the good news for you is...


even if you're not a creative person... even if you are overwhelmed with your schedule... even if you are a tech dummy and fear these 'complicated' new tech tools…

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I'm Márcia Bonfim,

I've been teaching English for almost 30 years and I'm responsible for the Song Activity Factory. A blog specialized in song-based lesson plans and song activities for ELT!

Since 2020, We, teachers, have been forced to change how we teach due to the pandemic...

However, when it comes to using songs, things mostly continue the same The same old listening gap-fill worksheets for ancient songs…

I created my blog in 2018, because of this! To try to change this situation by sharing a different way to use songs in ELT…

HOWEVER, I could've never imagined how far it could go!

To my surprise, the response was overwhelming! Teachers from over 180 countries have accessed the Song Activity Factory since then, and their beautiful testimonials inspired me to do even more.

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I love the creative and innovative lessons to help in this new virtual teaching world.

Gina - North Carolina, US

I've used your ideas and materials in my optional course for 9th graders to improve communication skills in English. My students appreciated them a lot and enjoyed working the tasks.

Loredana Doroftei - Romania

It has been helping me a lot. It's a fantastic tool to implement a different and fresh class activity , giving the students a break in working with the coursebook.

Gisele - RS, Brasil

My teenage students are very happy now! They love music and Song Activity Factory has helped me to plan finer and more dynamic classes for them.

Ana - Buenos Aires, Argentina

I love teaching with music too and your activities are just great and well planned, I love the fact that we can easily connect with your links to make our students work with activities too.

Ariana Malan - Chile

My students liked the lesson plans as they make them think. The activities are interesting for teenagers- no books- just favourite songs and their friends working together.

Natalja - Latvia

A coworker told me about Song Activity Factory last year. I think It was the right moment because It has helped a lot in my online classes and my students love it..

Poliana - Garça, SP, Brazil

Your material is awesome. It's been magical to find you.

Ana Jacobi - Argentina

It's a huge time saver. Thinking up activities and preparing lessons takes up a lot of brainpower and time. And your lessons work with songs in a very creative way.

Sabrina Hantower - SP, Brasil

Plenty of ideas that I can use in online teaching and in the classroom. I often use songs during my lessons, so this website is just perfect for me. I can save time and energy using the lesson plans and the resource materials.

Ibolya Ambrus - Romania

I love the site! It's a reference for me when I need to find songs that can be used to teach specific grammar topics.

Manuella Lisboa - Brasil

I love music. I believe that songs are a very amusing way to learn new words and collocations. I've always wanted to create a song based lesson but I didn't know where to start from. Gap filling IS boring ;) I am very glad I found your website! I looked through some lessons and realized that it is actually possible to create a whole lesson based on a song!. Thank you for your work and inspiration you give to other teachers! 

Anastasiia - Russia

The Result:

Inspired by this amazing feedback, I decided to compile some of my ideas to inspire and help other teachers in a deeper way. The product of this labor of love is 10 Song Activity Ideas For ELT!

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What You Will Get:

  • STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE so you don’t get lost, and quickly absorb the new idea, which means you prime your brain to use the ideas easily, with any song you want! All in a flexible format to save you time with lesson planning.
  • REAL EXAMPLES of the activities in action that will help your mirror neurons help you to incorporate the new ideas in your brain as if you birthed them yourself! Videos, pdfs, and resources that end up making YOU a more creative teacher in the process!
  • 21ST CENTURY SKILLS Innovative song activities that make your students think critically and creatively, and that also foster communication, interactivity, imagination and leadership skills. This will make you stand out as an efficient and creative teacher that gets results. This means more students and consequently, more money in your account!
  • THE FOUR SKILLS Ideas to use songs to work the four skills: Listening, writing, speaking and reading, so you can have the best of two worlds: The joy and fun that songs can bring to your class and also, the confidence you have that your students are practicing the English language meaningfully and effectively!
  • TECH TUTORIALS and tips to use digital tools which will make you feel more confident in your own tech skills so you can keep up with the competition in this new digital world and thrive!
  • 10 ORIGINAL CREATIVE IDEAS that are going to rock & roll your ELT practice and not only transform and expand your view, but also make YOU more open and in tune with your own innate creativity

Take a sneak peak

10 Song Activity Ideas for ELT is a 50-page ebook that also provides you with a special Appendix with real song activities that illustrate the ideas mentioned in the eBook.

  • Detailed Instructions to prepare each song activity, with some tech tips and additional information so you can do all the suggested activities yourself.
  • Explanatory Videos
  • Descriptions of all activities + extra materials and resources
  • Slides and presentations in detailed step-by-step lesson plans
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BONUS 1: Boosting Creativity! 20 Proven Ways! (Strategies for you to develop your creativity - a 23-page special report) $10 Value

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BONUS 2: 2021 Special Collection (12 song-based lesson plans with step-by-step guidance, extra materials and more!) 34-page eBook $19 Value

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