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10 Song Activity Ideas for ELT manages to not only solve time and creativity issues, but also provides step-by-step suggestions in a flexible template format to facilitate and save precious time! 

10 creative song activity ideas and step-by-step lesson plan templates you can easily adapt so that you can engage your students to learn English in a communicative and memorable way.

Time-saving and original ideas with examples and practical step-by-step instructions for you to literally rock 'n roll your ELT classes. 

Innovative and fresh ways to get your students thinking critically, creatively and boosting the interactivity factor of your classes 10X!

What You'll Get:


    Guidance and suggestions to implement 10 original song activity ideas in a flexible format that will facilitate your life and save you precious time with lesson planning!


    Real examples of the song activities in action with videos, PDF instructions and resources like slide presentations, vocabulary videos and much more!


    Practical, useful and innovatice song activities that make your students think critically and creatively, and that also foster communication, interactivity, imagination and leadership skills.


    Tech tutorials and tips for using digital tools, like Google docs, word clouds, sharing documents and much more!


    Ideas to use songs to work the four skills: Listening, writing, speaking and reading!

  • 10 original creative ideas 

    You'll have access and guidance to implement and tweak 10 original time-saving ideas to rock and roll your ELT practice

Learn More About 10 Song Activity Ideas for ELT!

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 10 Song Activity Ideas for ELT is a 50-page ebook that also provides you with a special Appendix with real song activities that illustrate the ideas mentioned in the eBook.

+ Detailed Instructions to prepare each song activity, with some tech tips and additional information so you can do all the suggested activities yourself.

  • Explanatory Videos
  • Descriptions of all activities + extra materials and resources
  • Slides and presentations in detailed step-by-step lesson plans
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BONUS 1: 2021 Special Collection (12 song-based lesson plans with step-by-step guidance, extra materials and more!) 34-page eBook
BONUS 2: Boosting Creativity! 20 Proven Ways! (Strategies for you to develop your creativity - a 23-page special report)

eBook Landing PageeBook Landing Page
eBook Landing Page


Gift Them With Rich And Original Activities Which Are Sure To Amaze And Engage Even The Most Unmotivated Students!

Provide Them With A  Memorable English Learning Experience! 

Use This eBook As A Handy Source Of Ideas You Can Mix To Fit Any Song You Want To Work In Class With Them!

Turn Those English Teaching Moments Into Enjoyable, Motivating Experiences And Moments Of Fun For Them And Most Of All: YOU!!

15-day Happy Teaching

Money Back GUARANTEE :)

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Try it out for 15 days, I’m sure this e-Book is going to be very useful and time-saving for you. However, if by any chance you change your mind about your purchase, I'll give your money back, no questions asked.

I've used your ideas and materials in my optional course for 9th graders to improve communication skills in English.
My students appreciated them a lot  and enjoyed working the tasks.
Loredana Doroftei
I love the creative and innovative lessons to help in this new virtual teaching world.
North Carolina, US
It has been helping me a lot. It's a fantastic tool to implement a different and fresh class activity , giving the students a break in working with the coursebook.
RS, Brasil
My teenage students are very happy now! They love music and Song Activity Factory has helped me to plan finer and more dynamic classes for them
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I love teaching with music too and your activities are just great and well planned, I love the fact that we can easily connect with your links to make our students work with activities too
Ariana Malan
My students liked the lesson plans as they make them think. The activities are interesting for teenagers- no books- just favourite songs and their friends working together.
A coworker told me about Song Activity Factory last year. I think It was the right moment because It has helped a lot in my online classes and my students love it.
Garça, SP, Brazil
Your material is awesome. It's been magical to find you
Ana Jacobi
I love the activities. They feel like fresh air and are also very focused.
Plenty of ideas that I can use in online teaching and in the classroom. I often use songs during my lessons, so this website is just perfect for me. I can save time and energy using the lesson plans and the resource materials.
Ibolya Ambrus
It's a huge time saver. Thinking up activities and preparing lessons takes up a lot of brainpower and time. And your lessons work with songs in a very creative way.
Sabrina Hantower
SP, Brasil

About the Author

Márcia Bonfim has worked as an English teacher since 1993 (CCAA/CCLS and currently at America Cursos e Viagens SJBVista, SP, Brazil). She has always liked to produce her own activities, mostly song-based ones, and now she has recently started working as a digital producer, course creator and freelance materials writer for America Cursos (SJBVista,SP, Brazil).

Márcia is very keen on sharing her song-based lesson  plans and activities with teachers from all over the world via her blog: Song Activity Factory. She also does volunteer work teaching English to children and teenagers whose parents have lost their custody and are now in special foster care at Camid (SJBVista, SP, Brazil).

In her free time, she travels around the world in search of beautiful natural places, connection with animals and people. Her main goal in life is to help people to become fluent, not only in English, but also in the language of their own souls.

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