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Picture this classroom:

Students listlessly noting down answers to yet another listening gap-fill, the same old tracks playing, the same old grind. That's where I was—surrounded by bored faces, the spark of engagement I'd always nurtured in my English classes was fading...

I'm Márcia Bonfim, and after three decades in the trenches, I hit a wall.
I wanted to teach English with songs, but all I found were tired exercises that barely scratched the surface of what music can do.
No vibrancy, no real connection.

Just fill in the blanks.

Where was the depth?
The real, the raw, the connection that a good song can ignite?
It didn't exist.

I crafted lesson plans where songs weren't just a listening exercise, but a gateway to language, culture, and conversation. Where students don't just absorb English—they live it, sing it, feel it.

In every note and lyric, students find a new way to see English: not just as lessons, but as life. Our classes turn into vibrant conversations, laughter, and real connections, all powered by the universal language of music. It's here, amidst the beats and melodies, that learning truly comes alive.

It was a game changer.
Suddenly, classes weren't about enduring English;
they were about experiencing it.
We weren't just learning; we were exploring, enjoying, connecting.


That's when I took to my blog, Song Activity Factory,
to share these dynamic song-based lesson plans.
My blog became a beacon for teachers searching for that missing spark,
a treasure trove of resources where music and language seamlessly blend.

Teachers from diverse backgrounds have found solace in these activities,
transforming their classrooms
into stages of linguistic expression and cultural exploration.

They've been able to get their students
to not just learn English, but to experience it through the songs they love

Marcia, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you how much I love your activities! Every time I open my email and find a different one I think: I wish I could come up with something like that! Thanks for sharing!!!!


Months ago I discovered Song Activity Factory: I was very impressed. In fact it offers lesson plans based on trendy songs AND it features great activities, the ones that can encourage teenagers to use their brains and observation skills to produce poignant language content. Some exercises are based on Cambridge exam structure and they have been very useful for my teenage students. Had I not had this resource my online lessons for teenagers would have been a lot harder and probably boring.


I love music. I believe that songs are a very amusing way to learn new words and collocations. I've always wanted to create a song based lesson but I didn't know where to start from. Gap filling IS boring ;) I am very glad I found your website! I looked through some lessons and realized that it is actually possible to create a whole lesson based on a song!. Thank you for your work and inspiration you give to other teachers! 


It's a huge time saver. Thinking up activities and preparing lessons takes up a lot of brainpower and time. And your lessons work with songs in a very creative way.


Loved this site. I have already implemented some of the lesson plans in my classes and it’s so great how students respond to more dynamic classes and new ways to learn. Thank you for sharing. ❤


I always use Song Activity Factory and I’ve had such great experiences with my students. It’s possible to work with different skills of language, making the activities much more enjoyable! The themes contribute to English teaching and also  to engage students in the process of thinking critically. In my view, this is a great differential!


My students liked the lesson plans as they make them think. The activities are interesting for teenagers- no books- just favourite songs and their friends working together.


I've used your ideas and materials in my optional course for 9th graders to improve communication skills in English.
My students appreciated them a lot  and enjoyed working the tasks.


SAF was a life saver with the lesson plan for Rain on me – soon after all classes had moved online and running out of ideas to get students into a new vibe learning how to navigate a new environment. Lady Gaga and Arianna Grande came to the rescue with the catchy song – Rain on me – the instructions were simple and easy to follow I just adapted to a PPT format. There was plenty to do for at least 90 mins or 2 classes. Even the warm up and pre-teach vocab session were useful. Another activity in the same lesson with Lady Gaga talking about working with Ariana was a tough challenge for some students but they wanted to understand what she was saying.  So they found motivation to go on listening and fill in the gaps.  đźŚźđźŚźđźŚźđźŚźđźŚź


Song Activity Factory is for sure one of the greatest websites available to help ESL teachers in the new journey of online teaching. It takes technology as an opportunity to make us stage and improve techniques, always keeping in mind the 4-skill setting, and elicit the best from our students. I love it because everything on the site is very handy and I can adapt the activities for the different contexts I face in my daily teaching. Many thanks, Mars! You’ve been doing brilliant work! Sharing only causes people to admire you more.


My teenage students are very happy now! They love music and Song Activity Factory has helped me to plan finer and more dynamic classes for them


I love teaching with music too and your activities are just great and well planned, I love the fact that we can easily connect with your links to make our students work with activities too


Song Activity Factory is the perfect way to make your students get the language “Under their skin” (any coincidence with the song is only a fluke!) I believe in communication and enjoyment as a way to make students be not only motivated but also engaged with their learning process. Thank you Marcia for all your great ideas and your generosity!!!!


Dear Márcia,

 You are un(and I really have to use the F word here!)believable!  I requested this song about 3-4 days ago and in this short span you have come up with such an amazing lesson.

You are an absolute star! God bless you!  I have been teaching in the Middle East until last year and there we were not allowed to use music in the classroom at all. Your site is such a find for me, you have no idea how I appreciate it!

Best wishes and many, many thanks,



A coworker told me about Song Activity Factory last year. I think It was the right moment because It has helped a lot in my online classes and my students love it


Plenty of ideas that I can use in online teaching and in the classroom. I often use songs during my lessons, so this website is just perfect for me. I can save time and energy using the lesson plans and the resource materials.


Hello Marcia,
Just to say Thank you for the fantastic work you do and be so generous to share it with us all teachers. I appreciate your work and I do like it. I really think teachers have special DNA.

I am from Jujuy, Argentina and I teach secondary school in a public school.
Love and thanks again for the great work and your generosity.


I just wanted to say thank you to Márcia, her website Song Activity Factory has helped me in so many ways. I started teaching online lessons due to Covid lockdown and honestly, I didn’t know how to engage my students. I teach adolescents and adults, and OMG! How hard it was at the beginning!

Until, one day… I was desperately looking for modern, engaging and motivational activities, I came across SAF and it literally saved my life!

My students love working with music and every class I start my lesson with a SAF activity. We loooove musical lotteries! We have so much fun. Márcia is so creative and so kind to share so many fantastic activities! Thank you one more time!

Anita, from Buenos Aires, Argentina 


I love the creative and innovative lessons to help in this new virtual teaching world.


I love the site! It's a reference for me when I need to find songs that can be used to teach specific grammar topics



After reading so many success stories from teachers around the world, I felt inspired to do more. It was clear we all shared the same goal: to make English lessons as lively and relevant as the songs our students love. So I rolled up my sleeves and compiled my top song activity ideas—each one a hit in my own teaching journey.

Introducing "10 Song Activity Ideas For ELT" — not just an eBook, but a complete setlist for the teacher who's ready to remix their lesson plans. It's a treasure trove of creative, practical activities, each with its own step-by-step lesson plan and ready-to-use resources like presentations and worksheets. It's everything you need to hit the ground running, without missing a beat.


​This is your backstage pass to 30 years of teaching expertise, fine-tuned into ready-made lesson plans that will not just inspire you but also save your time—so you can focus on what you do best: teaching. Get ready to transform your English class into an unforgettable learning experience. Let's make every lesson resonate with success!



Gone are the days of getting lost in a sea of "How to apply this?" Every activity comes with crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions. This means you'll seamlessly integrate these new ideas into your lessons, with any song you choose. Designed with flexibility in mind, these guides are your time-saving allies in lesson planning.


Picture this: activities that practically teach themselves. With vivid, real-life examples, including videos and PDFs, you're not just reading—you're experiencing each idea. It's like having a co-teacher show you the ropes, igniting your creativity and making the learning stick.


Prepare your students for the world beyond the classroom. The activities in this eBook are crafted to sharpen critical thinking, unleash creativity, and enhance communication. They're not just learning a language—they're learning to lead, collaborate, and innovate.


Dive into a repertoire of activities that hit every note of language learning: Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Reading. These aren't just fun and engaging; they're targeted to ensure your students practice English in a way that's both meaningful and effective.


Tech won't be a barrier—it'll be your springboard. With straightforward tutorials and tips, you'll become a maestro of digital tools, ready to conduct your classroom with confidence in this ever-evolving digital age.


Get ready to rock your ELT practice with 10 original ideas that will do more than just enhance your lessons—they'll tune you into your innate creativity. It's time to play a different tune in your classroom, one that resonates with innovation and passion.

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About the Author:

Márcia Bonfim has been igniting the passion for English since 1993. With a career that spans over three decades, she has embraced the art of teaching through the universal language of music, crafting song-based activities that resonate with teachers and students alike.

    Márcia's journey has taken her from the traditional classroom to the global  stage, where she now thrives as a digital producer, course creator, and freelance materials writer. Her work is a testament to her dedication to innovation in English language teaching.

   Her blog, Song Activity Factory, is her digital stage, where she shares her creative lesson plans and activities with an international audience, helping educators to harmonize the power of music with language learning.

   Márcia's commitment extends beyond her professional pursuits. She has a heart for volunteerism, having taught English to children and teenagers in need, providing them not just with language skills, but hope and a way forward.

   Currently exploring Thailand, Márcia continues to seek inspiration from beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures, animals, and the people she meets. Her mission remains steadfast: to aid individuals in finding their voice in English and in the melody of their own souls.