10 Facts About 

Music (true/false)

  1. Only John Lennon knew how to read music in the Beatles.         (T / F)

  2. Your heart beats slowly when you listen to fast music and beats fast when the music is slow. (T / F)

  3. Loud music can affect how much alcohol a person drinks in a bar. (T / F)

  4. A song that gets stuck in your head is called an "earworm". This word comes from the German language. (T / F)

  5. The band Metallica has played in South America. (T / F)

  6. The British Navy uses Britney Spears’s songs to scare off Ethiopian Pirates (T / F)

  7. Your performance gets better when you do exercises listening to music (T / F)

  8. Studies have shown that you like the original version of song because you heard it first. (T / F)

  9. Eminem wrote and recorded “Lose Yourself”  3 hours before he released his album.(T / F)

  10. Music helps flowers grow faster. (T / F)

Music helps flowers grow faster. (T / F)